(西安科技大学 电气与控制工程学院,陕西 西安 710054)

隔爆异步电机; 绕组短路; 铁芯损耗; PWM控制; 场-控-路耦合

Loss analysis of stator winding short circuit fault for explosion-proof asynchronous motor based on PWM control
ZHAO Yan-yun,MA Xian-min

(College of Electrical and Control Engineering,Xi'an University of Science and Technology,Xi'an 710054,China)

explosion-proof asynchronous motor; winding short circuit; iron loss; PWM control; field-control-circuit coupling


矿用隔爆电机是煤矿井下设备的主要驱动电机,大部分采用逆变器供电,使得电机的谐波损耗增大; 定子绕组短路故障是电机的主要故障类型,发生短路故障后,电机的损耗也会发生变化,对PWM供电防爆异步电机定子绕组短路故障损耗变化的研究对电机温度场的研究和故障诊断具有重要的理论意义。为了对定子绕组故障后的电机损耗的特点和变化规律进行研究,建立了一台刮板输送机用防爆异步电动机定子绕组短路故障时的场-控-路耦合二维有限元模型,首先对电机的定子电流和气隙磁密的进行计算,然后对电机的铜耗、磁滞损耗和涡流损耗进行了计算和分析。通过分析可知:电机发生定子绕组短路故障后,故障相的电流增大,使得电机的铜耗大大增加,磁滞损耗和涡流损耗也增加。通过对电机整体损耗的分析,为电机温度场的计算和故障诊断提供理论依据。

Mine explosion-proof motor is the main driving motor of the coal mine equipmentpowered by inverters,which makes the motor harmonic loss increase.Short circuit fault,one of the main fault type of the stator winding,can also cause the motor loss change.The loss study of the stator winding short circuit fault based on PWMis of great significance theoretically to study the temperature field and fault diagnosis of the motor.In order to explore the characteristics and variation rules of motor loss after stator winding fault,a two-dimensional finite element model is established of stator winding fault for an explosion-proof asynchronous motor used in a scraper conveyor based on field-control-circuit coupling in this paper.The copper consumption,hysteresis loss and eddy current loss are calculated and analyzed.It can be seen from the analysis that:with the stator winding short-circuit fault present,the current of the fault phase increases thus resulting in a large increase in the copper consumption of the motor,as well as hysteresis loss and eddy current loss.It provides a theoretical basis for the calculation of temperature field and fault diagnosis of the motor with the overall loss of the motor examined.