1.天津科技大学 化工与材料学院,天津 300457; 2.金堆城钼业股份有限技术中心,陕西 西安710000; 3.金堆城钼业股份有限公司 化学分公司,陕西 西安 710000

二钼酸铵; 溶解度; 结晶介稳区; 成核级数

Measurement and correlation of the solid-liquid phaseequilibrium and metastable zone of the ammonium dimolybdate-ammonium-water ternary system at pH(8.5~9.0)
ZHAO Nan-nan1,WANG Yan-fei1,YANG Li-bin1,SHA Zuo-liang1,LIAN Wan1,TANG Li-xia2,LI Feng3

(1.College of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science,Tianjin University of Science and Technology,Tianjin 300457,China; 2.Technology Center of JDC Molybdenum Co.,Ltd.,Xi'an 710000,China; 3.Chemical Branch,JDC Molybdenum Co.,Ltd.,Xi'an 71000,China)

ammonium dimolybdate; solubility; crystallization metastable zone width; nucleation order

DOI: 10.13800/j.cnki.xakjdxxb.2017.0318



In this paper,an static equilibrium method is used to study Ammonium Dimolybdate-ammonium-water ternary system of solid liquid phase equilibrium and metastable zone at a certain pH(8.5~9.0).The experimental data were correlated by the modified Apelblat and λh equation,respectively.The results show that two models associated standard deviation were 1.626% and 1.661%,respectively.The metastable zone width,which was used for optimizing the operational conditions with different cooling rate,of the ammonium dimolybdate was measured by the nephelometry.Then the nucleation order of the ammonium dimolybdate can be calculated by the classic nucleation theory.