Consideration about investigation method of an industrial accident

YOMURA Tomoki1,SHI Gui-rong1,2,KARAMI Masume1,INOUE Shiichiro1

(1.Ohara Memorial Institute for Science of Labour,Tokyo,Japan; 2.College of Interhuman Symbiotic Studies,Kanto Gakuin University,Kanagawa,Japan)

industrial accident; accident analysis; accident investigation disincentive model

DOI: 10.13800/j.cnki.xakjdxxb.2016.0520


The way to investigate the cause of an industrial accident is considered.It's important for the staff who investigate an accident to be the person who became independent from a production site.Moreover a special right has to be granted to the staff in the organization.The reason is because it's necessary that they have a different viewpoint from field overseer.The staff's viewpoint is a one related to the importance of the site preservation,necessity of an information feedback and the way to fill out an accident report.It was modeled in the last chapter about a relation of the various factors which have an influence on accident investigation.