陕西学前师范学院 计算机科学与技术系,陕西 西安 710100

WebGIS; 无线传感器网络; 林区火险监测; GPRS; 地图

Design of forest fire monitoring system based on WebGIS and WSN
WU Nan

(Dept. of Computer Scienceand Technology,Shaanxi Institute of Education,Xi’an 710100,China)

WebGIS; wireless sensor networks; forest fire monitoring; GPRS; map



It has become a pressing issue that how to monitor and warn the forest fire in real-time and accurately so that we can make supports for the command of forest fire prevention and fighting.On the background of forest fire disaster warning using the WSN and WebGIS,designs a distributed monitoring system in real-time for monitoring and warning the forest fire.The aim is to achieve the functions of fire information real-time collection,transmission,management,analysis and release,and so on.This system can collect environmental information through modules,such as the smoke sensors,temperature and humidity sensors,wind sensors,which have the Zigbee network nodes.After the convergence of front-end node data in the Sink gateway,the data will be sending to the monitoring center via GPRS or CDMA.According to the received data,the center will make an analysis and processing,then display the fire monitoring and warning in the form of electronic map.In the article,introduces the structure of Web map service system and the WebGIS software platform,describes the composition and working principle of WSN,gives the design scheme for the system in hardware and software,and major functions.Experimental results show that the system has the functions for key forest fire situation,for example,in the real-time monitoring,fire warning,information dissemination services as well as providing decision support for the relevant functional departments.It has a good application prospect.