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Evolution characteristics of pore structure in medium and low rank coal
王 飞邢好运李万春贺玖玖王若愚
(郑州大学 力学与安全工程学院,河南 郑州 450001)
WANG FeiXING Hao-yunLI Wan-chunHE Jiu-jiuWANG Ruo-yu
(School of Mechanics and Safety Engineering,Zhengzhou University,Zhengzhou 450001,China)
安全科学与工程 中低阶煤 孔隙分布 孔形 分形维数
safety science and engineering medium and low rank coal pore distribution pore shape fractal dimension
X 936
为研究煤化作用对煤中孔隙结构的影响,文中以3个中低阶煤为例,对其进行了镜质组反射率、工业分析、真密度、视密度、放散初速度和孔隙测定实验,从孔隙分布、孔形和分形特征3个角度展开讨论。结果表明:影响煤体孔隙发育的主要因素是成煤环境和赋存条件,而煤化作用在一定程度上也改变了煤中孔隙的分布,其降低了较大孔隙,促进了较小孔隙的发育; 任楼矿煤样(RL)整体上以圆柱孔和V形孔为主,园子沟煤样(YZG)在6.5~15 nm孔径范围内具有大量墨水瓶孔,平煤五矿煤样(PMW)在6.5~12 nm孔径范围内具有大量墨水瓶孔,同时3个煤样均具有大量的层间不平行的层状孔; 通过压汞数据获得的分形维数随变质程度的增加而减少,即较大孔隙的复杂性降低,而通过液氮吸附数据获得的分形维数随变质程度的增加先减小后增加,说明孔容和比表面积的数量决定了孔隙的复杂性,同时煤化作用也促进了微孔的发育,进而导致孔隙复杂性的提高,该结果与3个煤样的放散初速度表现一致。通过对中低阶煤孔隙演化特征的分析与探讨,能够为煤矿的安全生产、煤层气的有效利用以及二氧化碳地质封存提供理论指导。
In order to study the influence of coalification on the pore structure of coal, three medium-low-rank coal samples were taken as examples,and vitrinite reflectivity,proximate analysis,true density,apparent density and pores in coal were measured.The pore distribution,the pore shape and the fractal characteristics were analyzed in this paper.The results show that:Coal formation environment and occurrence condition are the main factors affecting pores in coal,and coalification changes the pore distribution in coal to some extent,which reduces larger pores and promotes the development of smaller pores.The Renlou coal sample(RL)is mainly composed of cylindrical and V-shaped pores.The Yuanzigou coal sample(YZG)has a large number of ink bottle pores with pore diameters from 6.5 to 15 nm.The Pingmeiwukuang coal sample(PMW)has a large number of ink bottle pores with pore diameters from 6.5 to 12 nm,and the three coal samples have a large number of layered pores that are not parallel between layers.The fractal dimensions from mercury intrusion data decrease with the increase of coalification degree.That is,the complexity of larger pores decreases.The fractal dimensions obtained by liquid nitrogen adsorption data decrease first and then increase with the increase of coalification degree.It indicates that the quantity of pore volume and specific surface area controls the complexity of pores.In addition,coalification also promotes the development of micropores,which in turn leads to an increase in pore complexity.The results are consistent with the initial velocity of gas desorption of three coal samples.The evolution characteristics of pore structure in medium and low rank coal were analyzed and discussed,which can provides theoretical guidance for the safe production of coal mines,the effective use of coalbed methane and the geological storage of CO2.


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