PANG Chuan-shan,GAO Hai-jun,JING Hong-jun,et al.Stress-strain relationship of reinforced soil considering time factor[J].Journal of Xi'an University of Science and Technology,2020,(01):118-125.





Stress-strain relationship of reinforced soil considering time factor
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(1.陕西省水务集团有限公司,陕西 西安 710068; 2.陕西省延安公路管理局,陕西 延安 716100; 3.西安科技大学 建筑与土木工程学院,陕西 西安 710054; 4.西安科技大学 道路工程研究中心,陕西 西安 710054; 5.长安大学 公路学院,陕西 西安 710054)
PANG Chuan-shan1GAO Hai-jun2JING Hong-jun34YE Wan-jun34CHEN Fei5
(1.Shaanxi Water Affair Group Co.,Ltd.,Xi'an 710068,China; 2.Shaanxi Yan'an Road Administrative Bureau,Yan'an 716100,China; 3.College of Civil and Architectural Engineering,Xi'an University of Science and Technology,Xi'an 710054,China; 4.Road Engineering Research Center,Xi'an University of Science and Technology,Xi'an 710054,China; 5.School of Highway,Chang'an University,Xi'an 710054,China)
土木工程 加筋土 筋土相对位移 应力-应变关系
civil engineering reinforced soil relative displacement of reinforced soil stress-strain relationship
TU 43
加筋土结构在工程行业有着广泛的应用,但是加筋材料的蠕变特性带来了很多的工程问题。当前虽然已有考虑加筋材料蠕变对加筋土变形影响的研究,但考虑的因素依旧不够全面,鉴于此进行了考虑筋土相对位移与时间因素的加筋复合材料应力应变关系的推导。基于自洽理论推导了加筋复合材料中筋土微观应变比例关系的计算方法,并将该式应用到了考虑时间因素的加筋复合材料应力-应变关系推导当中,得出了加筋复合材料水平应变表达式,确定了影响变形发展速度和最终变形量的关键参数。随后选取一实例对该公式进行了规律分析。研究表明加筋材料和填料微观应变比值只与填料和加筋材料的泊松比、弹性模量和体积占比有关,且在性质相同的填料中埋入的加筋材料弹性模量越大,该比值越小; 筋材的粘滞系数决定了应变的发展速度,参量(E1+E2)/E1E2和进入塑性变形时的应力水平共同决定了稳定后的变形值,因此在选择加筋材料时,应当进行蠕变试验选取参量较小的材料; 加筋材料的蠕变对加筋体变形的影响非常显著,且水平应变主要产生在塑性变形阶段,其随时间的发展逐渐增大,但增长速率逐步放缓,最后趋于稳定,在设计选材及变形计算中应当尤为注意这一点。
Reinforced earth structure has been widely used in engineering industry,but the creep characteristics of reinforced materials bring many engineering problems.At present,although theinfluence of creep of reinforced material on deformation of reinforced soil has been studied,the factors considered are still not comprehensive enough.In view of this,the relationship between stress and strain of reinforced composite material considering relative displacement of reinforced soil and time factors is deduced.Based on the self-consistent theory,this paper deduced the calculating method of the micro-strain ratio of reinforcement and soil in reinforced composites,applied this formula to the derivation of the stress-strain relationship of reinforced composites considering the time factor,obtained the expression of the horizontal strain of reinforced composites,and determined the key parameters affecting the development speed and final deformation.Then an example was selected to analyze the rule of the formula.The results show that the ratio of micro-strain of reinforced materials and fillers is only related to Poisson's ratio,elastic modulus and volume ratio of fillers and reinforced materials,and the larger the elastic modulus of reinforced materials embedded in fillers with the same properties,the smaller the ratio.The viscous coefficient of reinforcement determines the strain development speed,and the deformation value after stabilization is determined by both the parameters and the stress level when plastic deformation occurs.Therefore,creep tests should be carried out to select materials with smaller parameters when selecting reinforced materials.The creep of reinforced material has a very significant effect on the deformation of the reinforced body,and the horizontal strain mainly occurs in the plastic deformation stage.The strain value increases gradually with the development of time,but the growth rate slows down gradually,and finally tends to be stable.This should be paid special attention to in the design,selection of materials and deformation calculation.


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