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Spectral characteristics of CH/CHO/C2 radical in gas explosion
陈晓坤12刘 著12王秋红12
(1.西安科技大学 安全科学与工程学院,陕西 西安 710054; 2.西安科技大学 西部矿井开采及灾害防治教育部重点实验室,陕西 西安 710054)
CHEN Xiao-kun12LIU Zhu12WANG Qiu-hong12
gas explosion radical signal time relative radiation intensity
O 433.4
为研究瓦斯爆炸火焰中自由基特征光谱的特征,利用爆炸管道进行不同浓度瓦斯爆炸实验,采用高速摄像仪、单色仪来研究分析瓦斯爆炸火焰中CH/CHO/C23种自由基发光光谱的特征。结果表明:随着瓦斯浓度的增大,3种自由基信号出现时间、消失时间、存在时间和到达极值时间都呈现先减小后增大的趋势; 3种自由基在同一位置的存在时间随瓦斯浓度的改变并没有明显的规律,但都在13%瓦斯浓度下存在时间达到最长; 随着瓦斯浓度的增大,同一位置3种自由基最大相对辐射强度都呈现先增大后减小的趋势,都在10%当量比达到最大; 随着瓦斯浓度的改变,3种自由基在2个位置相对辐射强度最大值的差值存在较大差异,而在10%当量比的瓦斯浓度下3种自由基在2个位置相对辐射强度最大值的差值相差不大,最大相对辐射强度差值都在15 V左右; 在同一位置,同一浓度的瓦斯爆炸过程中,3种自由基最大相对辐射强度从大到小依次是CH,CHO,C2.
In order to study the characteristics of radical characteristic spectrum in gas explosion flame,experiments of gas explosion with different concentrations were carried out by using an explosion pipe.A high-speed camera and a monochromator were used for analyzing the characteristics of luminescence spectra of CH/CHO/C2 radical in gas explosion flame.The resultsshowed that the time,in respect of appearance,disappearance,existence,together with reaching the extreme value of the three types of radical signals,all decreased first and then increased with the increase of gas concentration.There was no distinct rule for the existence time of three types of radicals with varying gas concentrations in the same position,but they all existed for the longest time at gas concentration of 13%.Furthermore,as gas concentration increased,the maximum radiation intensities of three types of radicals in the same position increased first and then decreased,and they all reached the maximums at the stoichiometric ratio of 10%.With the change of gas concentration,difference of the maximum relative radiation intensities of the three radicals located in the two positions was significant.However,the difference varied slightly at the gas concentration of 10%.Meanwhile,the maximum radiation intensities difference were approximately 15 V.Finally,in the process of gas explosion at the same concentration and position,the maximum relative radiation intensities of the types radicals were CH,CHO and C2 from the largest to the smallest.


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