[1]周君立,吴春笃,戴 竞,等.分子筛的研究现状及新兴趋势的可视化[J].西安科技大学学报,2019,(04):170-177.[doi:10.13800/j.cnki.xakjdxxb.2019.0423]
 ZHOU Jun-li,WU Chun-du,DAI Jing,et al.Visualization of research status and emerging trends of molecular sieves[J].Journal of Xi’an University of Science and Technology,2019,(04):170-177.[doi:10.13800/j.cnki.xakjdxxb.2019.0423]





Visualization of research status and emerging trends of molecular sieves
周君立1吴春笃1戴 竞1阿 琼2孟庆曦3解清杰1
(1.江苏大学 环境与安全工程学院,江苏 镇江 212000; 2.西藏自治区环境科学研究所,西藏 拉萨 850000; 3.江苏江南化工有限公司,江苏 镇江 212000)
ZHOU Jun-li1WU Chun-du1DAI Jing 1A Qiong 2Meng Qing-xi 3XIE Qing-jie1
(1.School of the Environment and Safety Engineering,Jiangsu University,Zhenjiang 212000,China; 2.Environmental Science Institute of Tibet Autonomous Region,Lasa 850000,China; 3.Jiangsu Jiangnan Chemical Co.,Ltd.,Zhenjiang 212000,China)
材料科学 分子筛 CiteSpace 可视化分析 文献计量 知识图谱
material science molecular sieve CiteSpace visualization analysis bibliometrics knowledge map
TB 333
应用信息可视化软件CiteSpace V及其辅助工具VOSviewer对分子筛领域的27519篇SCI英文文献进行分析,结合Web of Science(WOS)核心集中的SCI-E,SSCI,CPCI-S数据源,时间跨度为2000—2019年,研究了全球范围内相应文献的时空分布。基于文献计量和统计分析,生成了相应的期刊共被引知识图谱、作者合作知识图谱、作者共被引知识图谱、关键词共现知识图谱以及参考文献共被引知识图谱,分析并得出分子筛领域的研究现状与新兴趋势。结果表明:在世界范围内,该领域近9 a来的研究热度逐年攀升,高产期刊和高被引期刊均为Microporous and Mesoporous Materials,中美2国是开展分子筛研究的主要国家,分子筛领域的高产研究机构为中国科学院。同时,还总结了分子筛领域的主要研究团队和高影响力学者。通过对近10 a文献关键词的共现分析和参考文献的共被引分析,结果发现:纳米微孔沸石的催化机理与应用和分子筛对气体吸附分离性能的分析是当今国际上该领域的研究热点,分子筛金属骨架的改性对催化性能的影响和分子筛在生物质研究领域中的应用是目前国际研究的新兴趋势。
The information visualization software CiteSpace V and its assistant tool VOSviewer were used to analyze 27519 English documents of SCI in the field of molecular sieve.With the SCI-E,SSCI,CPCI-S data source in the core of WOS(Web of Science)in mind,the spatio-temporal distribution of the corresponding documents around the whole world was investigated 20002019 with the time span being.Based on the bibliometrics and statistical analysis,the corresponding periodical co-citation map,the author’s cooperative map,the author’s co-cited map,the key words co-occurrence map and the reference literature map were generated.The research status and new trend formula of molecular sieves were analyzed and obtained.The results show that the research heat in this field has been increasing year by year in the past nine years; both the most productive journal and the most highly-cited journal are Microporous and Mesoporous Materials.China and the United States are the major countries engaged in molecular sieve research,and the most productive institution in this field is Chinese Academy of Sciences.And the article also introduced the main research teams and the influential scholars engaged in molecular sieve research.From the co-occurrence analysis of key words and the co-citation analysis of references in recent ten years’literature,we can see that the catalytic mechanism and application of nanoscale zeolites and the analysis of the gas adsorption by zeolites are the focus of international research field,the influence of organometallic frameworks on the catalytic performance of molecular sieves and application of molecular sieve in biomass research are the emerging trends in current research.


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