[1]张 杰,杨 涛,索永录,等.基于耦合评价的安山煤矿顶板突水预测模型研究[J].西安科技大学学报,2018,(04):569-576.[doi:10.13800/j.cnki.xakjdxxb.2018.0408 ]
 ZHANG Jie,YANG Tao,SUO Yong-lu,et al.Forecast model for roof water inrush in Anshan coal mine based on coupling evaluation[J].Journal of Xi'an University of Science and Technology,2018,(04):569-576.[doi:10.13800/j.cnki.xakjdxxb.2018.0408 ]





Forecast model for roof water inrush in Anshan coal mine based on coupling evaluation
张 杰12杨 涛12索永录12孙 遥12蔡维山12刘清洲12
1.西安科技大学 能源学院,陕西 西安 710054; 2.西安科技大学 西部矿井开采及灾害防治教育部重点实验室,陕西 西安 710054
ZHANG Jie12YANG Tao12SUO Yong-lu12SUN Yao12CAI Wei-shan12LIU Qing-zhou12
(1.College of Energy Science and Engineering,Xi'an University of Science and Technology,Xi'an 710054,China; 2.Key Laboratory of Western Mine Exploitation and Hazard Prevention,Ministry of Education,Xi'an University of Science and Technology,Xi'an 710054,China)
矿业工程 浅埋煤层 顶板突水 预测模型 层次分析法 灰色关联法
mineral engineering shallow coal seam roof water-inrush forecast model analytic hierarchy process grey relational analysis method
TD 745
In order to prevent the roof water inrush in shallow coal seam mining in the west China,it is necessary to construct an accurate water inrush prediction model to provide effective guarantee for coal production safety.In this paper,the 2001 working face of Anshan coal mine was chose as the engineering background,with the analytic hierarchy process and grey relational analysis method as the theoretical foundation,on the basis of the selection hierarchy analysis,the weights of the influential factors were studied from five aspects:surface water catchment features,wateriness of the aquifer,water-resistant characteristics of aquiclude,combined influence of overburden and mining disturbance characteristics.Then the correlation degrees between water-inrush factors were calculated.Finally a prediction model on roof water inrush in shallow coal seam withintegration of qualitative and quantitative indexes was established.Further,combined with specific engineering parameters,we predicted the roof water inrush points and the water inrush risks.The results indicate that the risk comprehensive level of roof water inrush in 2001 working face is very low; however,the surface catchment characteristics and combined features of overlying strata corresponding inrush levels are relatively higher,showing that it is easy to cause water inrush when reaching the index thresholds.To avoid related disasters,the mine can strengthen the water quantity monitoring of surface water and underground water across the gully and low-lying areas in the rainy season,meanwhile,take advanced drainage and blocking measures to prevent roof water inrush.


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