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Design of pulse laser digital holography device and its control system
张一澍马宏伟王 星王浩添
西安科技大学 机械工程学院,陕西 西安 710054
ZHANG Yi-shuMA Hong-weiWANG XingWANG Hao-tian
College of Mechanical and Engineering,Xi'an University of Science and Technology,Xi'an 710054,China
数字全息 脉冲激光器 电荷耦合器件 同步控制
digital holography pulse laser charge-coupled device synchronization control
TH 744
脉冲激光束具有良好的指向性和较强的峰值功率。针对数字全息的特点及应用,设计一种以脉冲激光器为光源,电荷耦合器件(Charge-coupled Device,CCD)为记录介质的数字全息实验装置,利用同步数据采集卡,采用软件外控的方式实现了激光器和相机二者的同步控制,记录并再现了全息图像。实验结果表明装置充分利用了脉冲激光的物理特性,结合高性能数字相机精准的曝光时间,提高了单幅全息图的成像质量。高精度同步时序控制系统的研发,使得实验装置能够以微纳秒量级的速度进行单幅或多幅全息图像的采集,为在瞬时动态条件下进行微观高速测量提供了技术条件。伴随数字全息与超短脉冲技术相融合,脉冲数字全息术将成为记录和再现超快动态过程的有力工具。
Pulsed laser beam has better directivity and high peak power. According to the characteristics and application of digital holography, a pulsed laser as a light source and charge coupled devices(Charge-coupled Device, CCD)as the recording medium of digital holographic experimental device was designed. The synchronous control of the two part among the laser and the camera was realized using the synchronous data acquisition card and software. Holographic images were recorded and reproduced. Experimental results show that, the device made full use of the physical characteristics of the laser pulse, which combined with the high performance digital camera precision of the exposure time, and improved the quality of imaging of single hologram. The research and development of high precision synchronous sequential control system, which made experimental device capable of single or multiple width holographic image acquisition at micro nanosecond speed, provided the technical condition under the transient conditions of micro speed measurement.Because of digital holography and ultrashor pulse technology intergration,pulsed digital holography will become a helpful tool for recording and reproducing the ultrafast process.


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