[1]严 锴,李红霞.公共安全视域下的舆情热点及发展趋势可视化分析[J].西安科技大学学报,2019,(06):1082-1089.
 YAN Kai,LI Hong-xia.Visual analysis of public opinion hotspots and development trends from the perspective of public security[J].Journal of Xi'an University of Science and Technology,2019,(06):1082-1089.





Visual analysis of public opinion hotspots and development trends from the perspective of public security
严 锴李红霞
(西安科技大学 管理学院,陕西 西安 710054)
YAN KaiLI Hong-xia
(College of Management,Xi'an University of Science and Technology,Xi'an 710054,China)
公共安全 舆情 CITE SPACE 可视化图谱 聚类分析 发展趋势
public security public opinion CITE SPACE visual map clustering analysis development trends
G 206
舆情是公众对自己关心或与自身利益紧密相关的各种公共事务所持有的多种情绪、态度和意见交错的总和,其关注深层次矛盾和问题的特点,导致舆情对于公共安全事件的发生存在一定作用。掌握全球范围内舆情领域的研究现状和发展趋势,是把握舆情传播规律及演变特征,进行科学分析,提出舆情管控管用措施的基础性工程,对于降低公共安全事件发生概率,防止事件升级具有重要意义。利用CITE SPACE信息可视化软件,对Web of Science数据库中1992—2018年期间收录的国外舆情研究文献进行了可视化知识图谱分析,研究了该领域主要研究机构、国家、作者等方面的国外舆情研究的时空分布情况,通过对关键词、研究聚类等可视化分析,阐释了该领域当下研究热点,预测了未来发展趋势。结果表明:舆情领域主要研究力量集中在美国,以美国高校为甚,研究作者之间缺乏相互合作的关系,舆论内容主要与政治、气候、环境、群众与政府关系相关,同时发现卫生健康、酒精控制政策是目前舆论领域新兴的研究热点,具有引导未来发展趋势可能性。
Public opinion,a combination of different emotions,attitudes and opinions held by the public about various public affairs closely related to their own interests,is characterized by focusing ondeep-seated contradictions and problems,with the result that the public opinion is playing a certain role to the public security.The status research on public opinion globally to predict the future development trend and to grasp the law of dissemination of public opinion,which will absolutely benefit evolving features of public opinion and decrease the probabilities of public safety incidents.Using CITE SPACE information visualization software the paper analyzes the visualization knowledge atlas of foreign public opinion research literature collected in Web of Science database from 1992 to 2018,and studies the main research institutions and countries in this field.Through visual analysis of key words and research clustering,the paper explains the current research hotspots in this field and predicts the future development trend.The results show that the main research forces in the field of public opinion are concentrated in the United States,especially in American universities.There is a lack of cooperation among the authors.The content of public opinion is mainly related to politics,climate,environment,and the relationship between the masses and the government.And it is found that health and alcohol control policies are the new research hotspots in the field of public opinion,which is possible to guide the future development trend.


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