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Legal and aerodynamic issues related to turbofan engines designed for civil aviation
王保国1王 伟2黄伟光3徐燕骥3谭春青4
1.北京理工大学 宇航学院,北京 100081;
2.中国铁建中非莱基投资有限公司,北京 100855;
3.中国科学院 上海高等研究院,上海 201203;
4.中国科学院 工程热物理研究所,北京 100190
WANG Bao-guo1 WANG Wei2HUANG Wei-guang3XU Yan-ji3TAN Chun-qing4
1.School of Aerospace Engineering,Beijing Institute of Technology,Beijing 100081,China;
2.CRCC China-Africa Lekki Investment Ltd.,Beijing 100855,China;
3.Shanghai Advanced Research Institute,China Academy of Sciences,Shanghai 201203,China;
4.Institute of Engineering Thermophysics,China Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100190,China
大涵道比 大型客机 涡扇发动机设计 法律法规
high bypass ratio large commercial airplane design of turbofan laws and regulations
V 231.3
The fundamental goal of the development of modern civil aviation is to achieve low pollution,low noise,low fuel consumption and high power.Reducing levels of pollution and noise has become worldwide consensus under the guidance of stringent international standards as well as national laws and regulations.Low fuel consumption and high power are closely linked with aviation's economic impact.To achieve these goals and objectives,aviation designers and legal practitioners around the world have made great contribution in this field.This paper,from the perspective of aerodynamic design,aims to explore crucial technical issues involved in low pollution combustion and low noise exhaust nozzle,suggesting measures that can be used to guide the design of such engines.Furthermore,we discusses social mechanisms and sources of law relating to pollutant and noise engine emissions.Reviewing a series of international legal documents on protection of the Earth's atmosphere and outer space,the paper concludes:the protection of the atmosphere,whether in the field of aviation or space science,should be the primary factor to be considered for engine chamber and spacecraft combustion designer,pointing to the inescapable social responsibility.


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