WU Chao,LI Xiao-yan.Pollution mechanism and investigation approaches of typical dust sources in nonferrous mines[J].Journal of Xi'an University of Science and Technology,2015,(06):695-701,720.[doi:10.13800/j.cnki.xakjdxxb.2015.0604]





Pollution mechanism and investigation approaches of typical dust sources in nonferrous mines
中南大学 资源与安全工程学院,湖南 长沙 410083
WU ChaoLI Xiao-yan
School of Resources and Safety Engineering,Central South University,Changsha 410083,China
有色金属矿山 粉尘 重金属污染 机制
nonferrous metal mines dust heavy metals pollution mechanism
X 53
The dust pollution of nonferrous mines is usually conjugated with the heavy metal contamination which caused by one of significant factors, dust composed of heavy metal elements.In a nonferrous mine,typical dust pollution sources are the exhausted ventilation shaft,the vehicle roadway of ores or minerals transportation and the dry area of tailings reservoir.Investigation of the proposed project shall be towards these three types of dust pollution and the research contents are as follows step by step.The research results are very important for the mining environment assessment,soil pollution control and management of heavy metals caused by dust in nonferrous mines.Also,these investigations will provide the fundamental theories and innovative method for heavy metal control and management in nonferrous mines.


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