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Design of small 3D movement logistics system based on stepper motors(PDF)


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Design of small 3D movement logistics system based on stepper motors
CHEN XianHOU Yuan-binSONG Bo-youLI Dong
College of Electrical and Control Engineering,Xi'an University of Science and Technology,Xi'an 710054,China
3D movement stepping motor gradually approaching method priority
TP 273+.5
A three-dimensional motion simulation system based on 3D stepping motor is proposed aiming at problem that goods is piled in the mess with difficulty for storage and delivery in small place.On the basis of the simulation system,the radio frequency identification(RFID),voice broadcast,human-computer interaction functions are designed.Then the simulation system as the research object,the priority of both containers and goods' storage is set up.Through the completion of online debugging,the system can automatically store or deliver the goods according to the instruction,and has a sound and light indication and other functions.It is of great significance to solve the problem of goods storage and delivery in small places


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