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The distribution rule and its geological significance of Bauxite in Yanchang gasfield of Ordos Basin(PDF)


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The distribution rule and its geological significance of Bauxite in Yanchang gasfield of Ordos Basin
YUAN ZhenWU Fu-liFENG Rong
School of Earth Sciences and Engineering,Xi'an Shi You University,Xi‘an 710065,China
Yanchang gas field bauxite weathering crust paleogeomorphy ordovician gas pool
TE 122.2+21
A suite of bauxite occurs in the bottom of Benxi formation in Yanchang gasfield of Ordos Basin.Through the open field survey,core observation and well-log recognition,the physical-chemical characteristics and distribution law of bauxite are made clear.And based on the law,the exploration significance for the bauxite in Bnexi formation of Yanchang gasfield is discussed in the paper with the regional geological background.The study considers bauxite accumulation is bound up with the paleogeomorphy of Ordovician Weathering Crust.Through understanding the distribution law of bauxite the paleogeomorphy of Ordovician Weathering Crust will be reconstructed.The spectral logging characteristics of bauxite shows that the obvious abnormal of uranium mineralization.It provides a new direction for exploration of uranium resources.The bauxite becomes the regional cap rock of the downlap gas pool in Ordovician.And the distribution law of bauxite will have a guiding significance for the gas exploration.


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