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Experimental study on basic mechanical properties of sintered hollow fly-ash brick masonry(PDF)


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Experimental study on basic mechanical properties of sintered hollow fly-ash brick masonry
LIU YaBAI Guo-liangGUO Jin-fengWANG Peng
Department of Civil Engineering,Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology,Xi'an 710055,China
sintered hollow fly-ash brick masonry compressive property joint shear strength shear-compression composite performance stress-strain relation
TU 522
In order to study the properties of the three aspects of the compressive property,the joint shear strength and the performance under shear-compression loading of the sintered hollow fly-ash brickwork,the method of experiment and theoretical calculation is adopted to conduct experimental study on the masonry.The proposed characteristic value and design value is calculated.On the basis of the experimental data,the expression of stress-strain relationship of sintered hollow fly-ash brick masonry is put forward.The modulus of elasticity and the recommended value of the Poisson's ratio of this type of fly-ash brick masonry are given.The average value of shear strength of sintered hollow fly-ash brick masonry is obtained.The shear-compression composite strength formula for the average value of the sintered hollow fly-ash brick masonry are derived.Explore its main failure characteristics and provide basic mechanics property parameters for further study,popularization and application.


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