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Test of ordinary concrete and waste-rock bandfor roadside supporting in gob-side entry retaining(PDF)


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Test of ordinary concrete and waste-rock bandfor roadside supporting in gob-side entry retaining
ZHANG Jiu-yu
College of Mining and Safety Engineering,Shandong University of Science and Technology,Qingdao 266590,China
gob-side entry retaining waste-rock bag concrete critical cantilever beam numerical simulation
TD 353
Based on the movement law of roof strata and deformation characteristics,the feasibility of the ordinary concrete and the waste-rock band for roadside support is analyzed using FLAC3Dsimulation,and the effect of the 3 support schemes of the gob-side entry retaining is analyzed.By establishing the mechanical model of roof fracture,the concept of the critical cantilever beam is put forward,and the supporting resistance and width are obtained.The practice shows that the initial period of the roof is effectively controlled by use of the waste-rock band,which effectively compensates the shortcomings of the initial setting time of concrete and the low initial setting strength.Using concrete as the filling material,it is well adapted to the movement of the thick gray rock in the goaf.


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