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Emergency refuge system of coal mine under gas and coal dust explosion(PDF)


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Emergency refuge system of coal mine under gas and coal dust explosion
JIA Qi-lin1WU Zheng23SHEN Hu4LIU Meng2
1.China Coal Xi'an Design Engineering Company Limited,Xi'an 710054,China;
2.College of Energy Science and Engineering,Xi'an University of Science and Technology,Xi'an 710054,China;
3.Key Laboratory of Western Mine Exploration and Hazard Prevention,Ministry of Education,Xi'an 710054,China;
4.Tongchuan Mining Co.,Ltd.,Tongchuan 727015,China
emergency refuge system gas and coal dust explosion criterion of three regions range classification temporary refuge chamber
TD 712; TD 77+4
In order to arrange coal mine emergency refuge system more scientifically and more reasonably,taking mine gas and coal dust explosion accidents as an example,the law of explosive detonation is referenced to divide injury regions into very serious region,serious region and gentle region.Used the attenuation theory of explosion overpressure,the injury criterion of thermal dosage and poison-concentration,the criterion of range classification of three regions is given.Combined with the characteristics of gas and coal dust explosion and the advantages and disadvantages of different refuge facilities,we study the reasonable position and types of the emergency refuge installations.The results show that the very serious region and the serious region are subject to blast wave,and the gentle region is subject to poisonous gases.And refuge facilities don't work in very serious region.And movable rescue chamber with strong explosion-proof should be set in the middle serious region.And refuge chamber with good airtightness should be set in the gentle region.


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