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Gas occurrence regularity and controllingfactors of 1501 working face in Shanyang coal mine(PDF)


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Gas occurrence regularity and controllingfactors of 1501 working face in Shanyang coal mine
XU Man-gui1CAO Yan-jun1ZHANG Peng2 ZHANG Hong-liang2XU Jing-cang2
1.College of Energy Science and Engineering,Xi'an University of Science and Technology,Xi'an 710054,China;
2.Shaanxi Chenghe Mining Co.,Ltd.,Chengcheng 715200,China
Shanyang coal mine occurrence regularity geological factors controlling factors
TD 712
To find out the gas occurrence regularity and its controlling factors of 1501 working face in Shanyang coal mine,the gas-content direct mensuration is adopted to measure the gas content of 1501 working face.We draw the gas content contour map of 1501 working face based on the measured and related data.Combined with actual situation,we obtain the gas occurrence regularity of 1501 working face which is“Ⅰregion is high and Ⅱ region is low,the side of belt lane is high and the side of track lane is low”.By analysing the geological factors'control action of gas occurrence on 1501 working face,it is concluded that the thickness of the coal seam and the hydro-geological conditions are the main controlling factors that influence thegas occurrence differencesof 1501 working face.The conclusions of the study can provide theoretical guidance for gas control during the mining period of 1501 working face.


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