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Disaster prediction and prevention countermeasures ofwater-sand inrush in shallow mining face(PDF)


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Disaster prediction and prevention countermeasures ofwater-sand inrush in shallow mining face
LIU Yang12
.Hydrogeology Research Institute,Xi'an Research Institute of China Coal Technology &
Engineering Group Crop,Xi'an 710077,China;
2.College of Geology and Environment,Xi'an University of Science and Technology,Xi'an 710054,China
water-rich layer of sand water-sand inrush head height hydraulic gradient
TD 741
As a form of infiltration failure,the water-sand inrush would be transferred into circular cross section by the unconfined aquifer that is run through by water flowing fracture.The author established the water hydraulic gradient expression of overburden failure water fissure channel by using the theory of complete well,and calculated the influence radius by the Kusaki formula,and determined the critical value of hydraulic gradient using the Zamarin formula.Combined the practical breakage situation of overburden roof at the same time,"cantilever" rock beam was divided into two situations of no-rotation(θ = 0 °)and rotation(θ ≠ 0 °),and the discriminant was given for whether occurring of the water-sand inrush hazards.Then the author provided a scientific basis and theoretical basis for drainage of the watery sandstones within the scope of water flowing fractured zone(Networking).Moreover,aimed at the characteristics and type of water-sand inrush disaster induced by the caving fractured zone and the network of fractured zone,corresponding prevention and control countermeasures have been put forward to ensure that the mining working face was not subject to water-sand inrush threat.


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