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Meso-simulation for fracturing process of rockspecimen under action of indenter(PDF)


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Meso-simulation for fracturing process of rockspecimen under action of indenter
LI Shou-ju1LI De2YU Shen1
1.State Key Laboratory of Structural Analysis for Industrial Equipment,Dalian University of Technology,Dalian 116024,China;
2.Harbin Electric Machinery Company Limited,Harbin 15000,China
rock specimen fracturing process parameter evaluation meso-simulation indenter penetration parallel bond model
TU 443
The parallel bond model in discrete element method is used to simulate the fracturing process of rock specimen under action of indenter.The nonlinear mapping relations between meso-parameters of constitutive model and macro mechanical parameters of rock specimen are analytically bridged.In order to characterize the fracture mode between the bonds of parcels each other,the serving program is coded with FISH language,and the stress states for every bound is checked.Based on the proposed fracturing criterion for the bonds of parcels,the evaluation for whether exists fracture between the bonds of parcels is performed.The investigation shows that under the action of vertical indenter,the tree tensile force chains are produced in circumferential direction,and their directions are same as the directions of the minor principal stress.The directions of radial compressive force chains are same as the directions of the major principal stress.The cracks in rock specimen are induced by tensile force in circumferential direction and shear force when the tensile stress or shear stress is larger than material strength.


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