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Shugang Li

Associate Chief Editor of Journal of Xi’an University of Science and Technology

Vice President of Xi’an University of Science and Technology

Member of Discipline Review Group for Safety Science and Engineering of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council

Executive Director of China Occupational Safety and Health Association

Member of National Safety Production Emergency Experts Group

Member of College Teaching Guidance Committee for Safety Engineering and Technology, Ministry of Education

Director of Coal Mine Safety Engineering Committee in Shaanxi Coal Association

Executivecommittee member of International Mine Ventilation Congress(IMVC)

Expert obtaining the special allowance of State Council

Xi’ an University of Science and Technology

College of Safety Science and Engineering

Xi’an 710054, China

Phone: +86 29 85583767

E-mail: lisg@xust.edu.cn

Honors and Accolades

  • National candidates for Talents Project
  • Title of “National Young and Middle-aged Experts with Remarkable Contributions”
  • Distinguished Teacher Awards of Shaanxi Higher Education Institution
  • Title of “Moral Model for Teachers” in Shaanxi Province

· Second Prize of “National Science and Technology Advancement Award”

· Second Prize of “National Teaching Achievement Award”

Current Research

  • Simultaneous Extracting of Coal and Methane
  • Stope Mine Pressure and Rock Control
  • Mining Fissure Elliptic Paraboloid Zone
  • Ellipsoid Strip Gas Extraction
  • Basic Research on Accurate Gas Extraction in Deep Mining Goaf
  • Three Dimensional Physical Simulation Method and Comprehensive Experimental System of Safe Simultaneous Extracting of Coal and Gas


The Vice President of Xi’an University of Science and Technology, Li Shugang has long been engaged in the scientific research on safe co-mining of coal and gas, stope pressure and rock strata control as well as in the corresponding discipline teaching. He innovated the theory of mining fracture ellipsoid ejection zone, developed the gas extraction technology of ellipsoid ejection zone, proposed the nonlinear instability mechanism of coal and rock gas, and initially established the s imultaneous extracting of coal and gas and its technical system based on mining fissure elliptic paraboloid zoneand gas safety extraction, with all the results applied in more than 10 mining areas.

He has presided over one key project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, one Special Project for Scientific Instruments, and six Surface Projects, coupled with nearly 10 provincial projects and over 30 Enterprises Cooperation Projects. He has published more than 300 academic papers in Safety Science, Journal of China Coal Society, and Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering, with as many as 150 papersindexed by SCI/EI. He has obtained more than 40 National Invention Patents, Utility Model Patents and Software Copyright . And his publications involve 5 monographs and 11 textbooks. As the leader of s imultaneous extracting of coal and gas reaching group, he has been taking a pioneering role in the discipline and its construction of echelon, cultivating 3 professors and more than 10 associate professors. So many innovative research results allow him to enjoy special government allowances from the State Council.

Selected Publications

Experimental study on crack evolution characteristics of rock-like materials under different strain rates

Li Shugang , Du Xuanhong , Zhao Pengxiang , Xiao Peng , Lin Haifei , Shuang Haiqing (D Xuanhong)

Journal of Geophysics and Engineering , Volume 15, Issue 5, October 2018, Pages 2071–2078


Experimental investigation on the seepage law of pressure-relieved gas under the influence of mining

Li Shugang, Xiao Peng, Pan Hongyu, Lin Haifei, Cheng Lianhua

Safety Science , Volume 50, Issue 4, April 2012, Pages 614-617


Stress Inversion of Coal with a Gas Drilling Borehole and the Law of Crack Propagation

Tianjun Zhang, Lei Zhang, Shugang Li, Jialei Liu, Hongyu Pan, Shuang Song

Energies 2017, 10(11), 1743