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Ethical Guidelines to Publication

A. Ethical Obligations of Reviewers of Manuscripts
1. Promptness
2. Impartial Evaluation and Respect for Innovation
3. Well-grounded Objective Evaluation
4. All-round Evaluation
5. Initiative in Warning and Avoidance of Conflict
6. Maintaining Confidentiality
7. Credibility and Integrity

B. Ethical Obligations of Authors
1. Accuracy and Objectivity
2. Avoidance of Repetition
3. Acknowledgement of Sources
4. Totality of Report
5. Disclosure of Interest Conflicts
6. Hazards Warning and Avoidance of Personal Aggression
7. Authorship and responsibilities

C. Ethical Obligations of Editors
1. Impartial Evaluation
2. Professional Evaluation
3. Maintaining confidentiality
4. Respect for Innovation
5. Active Avoidance
6. Promptness
7. Responsibility of Reminding
8. Maintaining Rationality on Works Cited

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